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Graduate Outcomes and Employer Satisfaction Surveys
What does the Graduate Outcomes Survey for private career college graduates look like?

The Graduate Outcomes Survey developed to collect performance outcome data from private career college graduates contains 24 questions, including a number of questions to validate that the individual contacted on the phone is the intended graduate and those that will be used to calculate the four survey based Key Performance Indicators: Graduate Employment Rate, Graduate Employment in the Field of Study, Graduate Satisfaction and Employer Satisfaction.


While the private career college Graduate Outcomes Survey is much shorter, the questions included in this survey mirror those used in the public college sector’s Graduate Outcomes Survey.

What does the Employer Satisfaction Survey for employers of private career college graduates look like?

The Employer Satisfaction Survey is administered to employers of private career college graduates who have consented (through the Graduate Outcomes Survey) to have their employer contacted. The Employer Satisfaction Survey includes two key questions: one confirming that the graduate in question was employed and the second asking the employer to rate his/her satisfaction with the employee’s overall private career college preparation for the type of work he/she was doing

Will wrong numbers or refusals to complete the survey negatively impact my Key Performance Indicators?

No, for calculation of the survey-based Key Performance Indicators (all except Graduation Rate), the denominator includes all graduates in the labour force, where labour force is defined as those employed, those not employed but looking for a job, or those not employed but who had accepted a job to start shortly. Only graduates that are successfully contacted by phone and consent to complete the Graduate Outcomes Survey are included in the final Key Performance Indicator calculations. Please note, additional quality assurance reviews will be conducted for institutions where statistically significant data integrity/refusal rates are observed.


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